• Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) for your Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR).
  • Network, meet ETPMI members and make professional associations
  • Share your knowledge and help the community
  • Enhance your skills (writing, presentation, leadership, etc.).
  • Make a difference.
  • Have a good time!

How do I Earn PDUs? 

The Board of Directors issues PDU certificates at the end of each calendar year.  PMPs are responsible for reporting their volunteer activities to PMI.  PMPs should also maintain copies of publications, educational materials, agendas or other applicable documentation in support of earned PDUs.  For more information on obtaining PDUs through volunteering, please refer to the Project Management Institute Volunteer Opportunities page.  Here are some examples: 

Serve as an elected officer

Up to 10 PDUs per term

Serve as a team lead or support volunteer

Up to 5 PDUs per term

Speak at a chapter meeting

5 PDUs per engagement


How May I Help? 

The more volunteers we have on hand, the more opportunities we have to grow the chapter.  Additionally, more volunteers provide organizational depth, and opportunities for chapter outreach which provides for a bigger pool of volunteers and the cycle continues.  If there are no current opportunties posted on the PMI VRMS System for "East Tennessee Chapter" then email Volunteers to be added to the Chapter volunteer pool.

How Much Time is Required? 

Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments of a few hours to long-term committee lead roles.  ETPMI has many different opportunities available, and the hours and skills required for each opportunity vary.

How do I Begin? 

Go to the Project Management Institute Volunteer Opportunities page Project Management Institute Volunteer Opportunities page and search on "East Tennessee Chapter" for current opportunities.


We welcome your help and look forward to working with you!

“Volunteer of the Year” Award 

ETPMI is the product of many dedicated volunteers over the years.  Jerry Mikeal was one of those volunteers that was instrumental in the promotion and education of PMI and Project Management throughout our community and especially within our chapter.  Jerry has passed away, but we remember him every year thanks to Mrs. Mikeal who provided the funds to launch the “Volunteer of the Year” as a tribute to Jerry.  Each year, the ETPMI Board of Directors selects a recipient they believe made significant contributions to ETPMI in the past 12 months. 

Recent Award Recipients 

  • 2017 - Stephanie Workman, PMP and Amparo Atencio, PMP
  • 2016 - Harry Bailey, PMP and Paul Larson, PMP
  • 2014 - Scott Major, PMP
  • 2013 - Kathy Willard, PMP
  • 2012 - Steve Downey, PMP
  • 2011 - Gary Hamilton, PMP
  • 2010 - Rudy Escher, PMP and Don Gagel, PMP
  • 2009 - Gerry Palau, PMP
  • 2008 – Judy Ratliff, PMP
  • 2007 – Don McKenzie, PMP
  • 2006 – Lois Threlkeld, PMP