ETPMI provides access to Presentations from our 2018 Professional Development Day, as they are made available to us from the speakers.  Below is a listing of those presentations that are currently on file.



David Barrett

Speaker, blogger, podcast host, author

Taking Our Careers to the Next Level

Steve Norton

Project Management Skills, LLC

Focus or Fail: Tips for Organizing Your Stuff, Prioritizing Your Activities, and Becoming More Effective
Jeff Jones, Superintendent of Schools
Temple Schools
SMART Project Management
 Walter Cromer, Chief Idea Officer & Founder
Eden Concepts LLC
 An Overview of Agile
Scott Major, Management Consultant
Management Solutions
Apply the Right Project Management Methodology to the Right Projects
Belinda Price Resource Management: What Do Employers Look For?

Davyda Hammond; Angie Lester, Laura Hammons


Agile: Building the Ship While Floating in Deep Waters