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Sunday. 14 November, 2021 - Saturday. 20 November, 2021
Tuesday. 16 November, 2021
6:00 pm

Privacy by Design and Default

Robyn R. Mace, CIPT, CDPSE, Senior Privacy Analyst, iRobot

As data becomes more important and ubiquitous, privacy issues are coming to the forefront. News of data breaches and dark data practices is an almost daily occurrence as data is collected and aggregated in commercial markets through a variety of ways without necessary and appropriate data privacy and security controls.

The increase of these issues compels the continual development and deployment of security and privacy requirements, standards and activities for governments and private sector organizations.

Privacy by Design Privacy by Design involves identifying privacy risks and goals and engineering those goals, requirements, technologies and techniques into processes and solutions that protect privacy throughout the data lifecycle.

Privacy by Default is a fundamental individual and organizational orientation towards data, understanding data use regulations and professional standards, and incorporation of data respectful practices into organizational culture and operations.

uThis session will present an overview of the evolution of privacy, emerging legislation and challenges, basic principles of privacy by design and default and basic resources on privacy, including a personal privacy hygiene checklist.


Robyn Mace is the Senior Privacy Analyst at iRobot. Dr. Mace previously served as Tennessee's Data Privacy Officer, Metro Nashville’s first Chief Data Officer, and City of Memphis's Performance Data Coordinator, as well as the first civilian Planning Director for the Jersey City Policy Department. She is a frequent panelist and speaker on a variety of topics related to privacy, security, and information governance.

She has conducted research on a variety of technology and emerging issues ranging from cybercrime and privacy to terrorism, drug markets, counterfeiting, and illicit pesticides. In 2011-13, she served as the lead consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime first Comprehensive Study on Cybercrime (2013). She recently served on the Research Advisory Board (RAB) of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Robyn earned undergraduate and Master’s degrees from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and a doctorate from Rutgers University. She earned her Certified Protection Professional designation from the American Society for Industrial Security in 2005. She earned her Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineering certification from ISACA in October 2020 and her Certified Information Privacy Technologist certification from IAPP in May 2021.