ETPMI BOARD: Officers / Directors
ETPMI Elected Officers
Mr. Harry Bailey, PMP
Past President Mr. Steven Terry Downey, P.E., PMP
Corporate Secretary
Ms. Samantha Dolynchuk
Vice President, Finance
Ms. Lynn Wall
Vice President, Governance and Policy
Mr. Tony Stempkowski, PMP
Vice President, Marketing
Mr. Allen Bradley, PMP
Vice President, Membership
Mr. Paul Larson, PMP
Vice President, Communications Ms. Maite Escudero, PMP 
Vice President, Professional Development
Ms. Stephanie Workman, PMP
Vice President, Programs
Ms. Kimberly Smolter
Vice President, Volunteers
Mr. Rudy Escher, PMP


ETPMI Directors
Director of Professional Development, Knoxville
Ms. Amparo Atencio, PMP
Director of Professional Development, Knoxville Ms. Caroline Bryant, PMP
Director of Finance Mr. Bruce Watson, MBA, PMP
Director of Programs
Ms. Belinda Price, PMP
Director of Social Media Ms. Christine Conway, PMP, CWCMS
Director of Programs, Tri-Cities Ms. Penni Kyte, PMP
Director of Membership
Mr. Tom Weiler, PMP
Director of Marketing Mr. Ryan Zekry, PMP
Director of Volunteers Mr. Dan Ciarlette, PMP, ACP
Director of Military Liaison Mr. William Smolter, PMP
Director of University Academic Outreach Ms. Nancy Burns, PMP