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Today Matters! Practical Strategies on How We Can Optimize Each Day

04-22-2021 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Virtual via Zoom

Title: “Today Matters! Practical Strategies on How We Can Optimize Each Day“

About Event/Objectives

  • Description: Using the principles in John Maxwell’s book “Today Matters,” we will look at practical concepts on how to maximize each day. The ideas are woven around the principle that success is not achieved overnight but by a daily commitment to the habits and disciplines of success. John observes that most people approach their day the wrong way – exaggerating yesterday, overestimating tomorrow, and underestimating today. He counsels that rather than worry about the past or get anxious about the future, we can live a successful life by maximizing “today.”
  • Objectives: We will briefly explore twelve disciplines called “the daily dozen” and learn why each is an integral part of living a successful life. He emphasizes to achieve the success we desire in the future, it is vital that we do something today – that is, every day. Today Matters!